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Frank Donaghue Responds to Pentagon Comments on Broken Laws, Broken Lives

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

In today’s Washington Post, Navy Cmdr. J.D. Gordon responded to Broken Laws, Broken Lives on behalf of the Pentagon.

A Pentagon spokesman yesterday criticized the report, saying its authors had drawn “sweeping conclusions based upon dubious allegations” of former detainees who had been out of U.S. custody for years.

“The quality of medical care we provide detainees is similar to that which our troops serving in the same locations receive,” said the spokesman, Navy Cmdr. J.D. Gordon. “We have robust psychological and mental health care available to detainees.”

PHR CEO Frank Donaghue has responded in turn to Navy Cmndr. J.D. Gordon:

PHR’s research was conducted by some of the world’s leading experts on evaluating and documenting torture claims, according to rigorous and internationally accepted clinical standards. In response to PHR’s medical evidence of torture and war crimes, the Pentagon today strangely responded by defending its current standards of medical care. We’re not aware of any international medical standards that include sleep deprivation and isolation, which the US Army Field Manual still authorizes. The Pentagon has not yet responded to the new medical evidence of past crimes, including periodic beatings, sodomy, and electric shocks.

When PHR released Broken Laws, Broken Lives, Frank Donaghue recorded this video suggesting that the US government make a different kind of response to the evidence presented in the new PHR report.

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